<b>FACE TO FACE (2005)</b> <span style= "font-size:14px"></span><br> </p> <p style = "font-size:14px">Left: Acrylic on canvas 42 x 32 in. Diptych Right: Acrylic on canvas 42 x 32 in. Diptych

And she was (2002)
Acrylic on canvas 84″ x 60″ / 213 x 152 cm

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Faces of Faces:

A Symphony of Total Expression and Intrinsic Balance


“Faces of Faces” is not just a collection of images; it’s a profound exploration of the interplay between line, forms, and color, capturing the essence of total expression and intuitive reaction. This series transcends conventional boundaries, delving into the realm of spontaneous creativity and intrinsic balance. The artist behind these mesmerizing works navigates the nuances of inspiration, weaving a visual symphony that mirrors the convergence of imagination and conviction.

Total Expression: The Unveiling of Creativity

In “Faces of Faces,” each image is a testament to the artist’s uninhibited creative spirit. The series goes beyond the limitations of traditional artistry, embracing the uncharted territories of total expression. Lines flow organically, forms evolve spontaneously, and colors blend seamlessly, giving birth to a visual language that speaks directly to the soul. This unrestricted mode of creation allows for the exploration of raw emotions and unfiltered reactions, resulting in a collection that is both dynamic and emotionally charged.

Intuitive Reaction: A Dance of Inspiration

The series captures the moment of inspiration, frozen in time through the artist’s intuitive reactions. There is a dance between the conscious and the subconscious, as the artist surrenders to the creative flow, allowing inspiration to guide the hands and mind. In each stroke, there is a conversation between the artist and the canvas, a dialogue that transcends words and taps into the universal language of art. The intuitive reactions captured in “Faces of Faces” reveal the vulnerability of the creative process, laying bare the authentic connection between the artist and the work.

Intrinsic Balance: Harmony in Chaos

Despite the apparent spontaneity, “Faces of Faces” exudes a profound sense of balance. The artist, in the act of creation, instinctively navigates through the chaos of artistic exploration to discover an intrinsic equilibrium. This balance is not imposed but discovered—a harmony that emerges naturally from the interplay of elements within each piece. It is a delicate dance between chaos and order, resulting in compositions that are visually arresting yet harmoniously balanced.


“Faces of Faces” is a celebration of artistic freedom, a series that defies conventions and embraces the beauty of unrestrained creation. The artist behind this collection invites viewers to witness the power of total expression, intuitive reaction, and intrinsic balance. Each image is a testament to the artist’s courage to let inspiration guide the way, resulting in a series that is not just seen but felt—a journey into the heart of creativity. “Faces of Faces” invites us to appreciate the raw beauty that emerges when an artist trusts the process and allows the magic of creation to unfold organically.