As an architect, I believe that aesthetics rule life. There is beauty in the initial process of gathering ideas, drawing, and designing. I find that connection through my immediate environment, travel, and making objects. For me, the viewer is also a valuable reference point and a necessary part of the process.

My creative drive is expressed through mixed-media works: drawing, painting, collage, design, and construction. A constant dialogue exists between my past and present self. For inspiration, I often revisit earlier sketchbooks, photos, and paintings. Once meticulous and restrained with mark-making, ideas now translate to the page or canvas with greater freedom and fluidity.

Memories of former creative passions, combined with new ideas, keep my work in a constant state of evolution. I frequently refer to documented moments in time and begin layering shapes, lines, colors, and images. I incorporate ephemera that I have collected through the years and from day-to-day life. Through the act of creating, I develop a process that propels me forward.