Flavio Bisciotti is a multi-faceted individual with several deep areas of interest. This includes his artwork featured on this website, and also his company Bisciotti design+build and his championing of artists through his art gallery, FAB Gallery in Santa Monica.

As a young architecture student in Buenos Aires, Flavio Bisciotti began making objects, and he was also immersed in drawing and painting. He received his degree in 1985 and set up a successful architecture practice in Argentina. During that time he opened his first art gallery.

In the early 90s, he moved to California to pursue an artistic career and he founded Bisciotti Design, a furniture manufacturing company with a factory in Downtown Los Angeles. His unique line of furniture could be characterized as eclectic and fanciful, post-modern with a renaissance twist. Now with over 25 years of experience in furniture design and interior architectural detail, Flavio is a master craftsman who can create anything that he can imagine.

In the late 90s through a partnership with real estate developer colleagues, he had the opportunity to design several buildings in Venice and Hollywood. He designed every detail of these custom modernist multi-family lofts, from door handles to custom ironwork to cabinetry and lighting.

Today Flavio has Bisciotti design+build where he designs and builds custom environments and furnishings. In 2012 Flavio opened his first art gallery in the US on Main Street in Santa Monica.

FAB Gallery is just one more expression of his love for the arts. As a visual artist, Flavio creates paintings and functional art. He is influenced by Latin artists such as Wilfredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Carlos Alonso, and Antonio Berni. The subject matter of Flavio’s own work is driven by personal encounters and by the urban environments he travels to.

The spectator of his work is also a catalyst for his evolution. Exploration of materials and a collage process that includes ephemera he has collected over the years, as well as, ideas from earlier sketchbooks leads to work that is a dialogue between his past and present self.